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Hand Chemistry

They say our hands are the first to show our age

Younger looking hands and smoother heels. 

Hand Chemistry uses a combination of ingredients to fight against ageing for results you can see and feel in 14 days

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Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex

This award winning hand cream contains a 19.5% active complex, designed to target the 8 signs of hand ageing such as firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness

and hydration. Get softer looking and feeling hands after just 14 days of using Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex .

Heel Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex

Treat cracked, dry heels with Heel Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex. Unlike traditional heel creams that focus on removing the hard skin, Heel Chemistry’s innovative formula hydrates the cracked skin topically while rebalancing below surface hydration to avoid the traditional hard skin cycle. Use Heel Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex to restore dry, dehydrated for softer and smoother feet.

Caci clinic is the exclusive NZ stockist of Hand Chemistry. 

Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil

This multi-vitamin dry body oil, targets scars, stretch marks, ageing dehydrated skin and discolouration, to show a difference to the skin's surface in just two weeks. Retin-Oil also improves collagen production and sun-induced ageing.