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Because smooth is confident

Reduce hair growth with Inhibitif; a range of skin smoothing products, designed to minimise hair growth so you don’t need to shave or wax as often. 

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Inhibitif hair reduction products work by targeting the hair follicle directly, which slows down the growth rate and minimises the density of unwanted hair. So over time with continued use, your hair will appear finer and less dense, for smoother skin for longer.

The range is highly recommended for those who are not suited to laser hair removal treatments and is a safe and long term alternative way to reduce hair growth and density.

Inhibitif also works to reduce skin irritation and minimise ingrown hairs. The Inhibitif range includes an Advanced Hair Free Body Serum, Advanced Hair Free Face Serum, Hair Free Intimate Care and Deodorant.

These hair reduction products are suitable for all skin types and hair colours, even those with sensitive skin.

So feel the difference yourself and give Inhibitif a go, so you can spend time doing better things instead of waxing or shaving!

Caci is New Zealand’s exclusive stockist of Inhibitif. 

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